Travel Diary: Cozumel, Mexico

This past fall I visited the island of Cozumel in Mexico. This was my third visit to Mexico and I have been to a few Caribbean islands so I’m pretty familiar with the whole clear blue water and white sand beaches thing. But Cozumel is something altogether different. It is unique in that a whole half of the island is, for the most part, untouched. You can be in a beautiful resort on one side and then ten minutes later be in a whole other place. There are small villages filled with culture in which you can spend hours exploring beautiful churches or visiting with local animals. The people are also so kind and welcoming, from the staff at Fiesta Americana where we stayed to the funny guy who drove the dive boat. You don’t feel isolated in fancy resort world or disconnected from the culture one bit!


Fiesta Americana was so nice! It’s an all-inclusive resort which means endless guacamole and pina coladas.



After spending awhile in Cozumel we went to Cancun where we visited the ruins of Coba.


Renting a jeep to explore the island was definitely a highlight of the trip.

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