5 Unique Holiday Gift Ideas

Being a huge fan of Christmas, I love everything about it and every year I go all out. Not only do I go a little crazy with the decorations and cookie making but I also tend to overdo the gift giving. Though it is said over and over again, it is hard to remember, especially in my case, that Christmas is simply not about material things and is truly a time for thinking of others. On that note, here are a bunch of things you can do for others as a not so traditional gift this season.

1. 52 reasons I love you

Take a deck of cards and on each one write a reason that you love that person.

 2. Plan a Picnic

Plan a fun picnic in a favorite place of the person you are planning it for and fill a basket with their favorite foods. This is a really nice idea for a parent or good friend who you want to show your appreciation for.

3. Time

Whether it is giving your time as a babysitter, organizer, cleaner, or simply just spending quality time with a person, this is something you can’t go wrong with.

4. Handmade art,etc

Knit, sew, paint, etc.

5. Cook Something

Who would not want something yummy to eat for a gift!

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