Fashion Inspiration

Sometimes it is difficult to find inspiration for new outfits or designs. Whenever I need new inspiration I find that looking at things from the past such as movies really helps. Here are some of my favorite moments of fashion in movies from the 80’s, 90’s, and early 2000’s.


One of my all time favorite movies! Everyone in this movie has amazing, even genius, style so I had to include some images!


Why doesn’t everyone wear plaid blazer and skirt sets for the fall! I am obsessed with this  look !


Nothing better than a tank top over t-shirt combo.

Legally Blonde:


Elle definitely knows her style and wears it confidently.


I love these iconic sunnies.

Pretty In Pink:


This is probably my favorite look out of all ! This prom dress is so elegant and I wish it was mine! I always hate Homecoming and Prom dresses and this is an example of one of the good ones that is unique and really stands out.


The Breakfast Club:


I am noticing a serious trend of pink in this post!

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