All of Fashion’s Best Blogs

In the spirit of NY Fashion Week I wanted to share some of the ,in my opinion, greatest and most unique blogs and their inspiring founders. Here are my the most captivating and my favorites!

1. The Style Rookie  by Tavi Gevinson

She started this when she was only a kid and even then she knew exactly how she wanted to portray her style.

2. Man Repeller by Leandra Medine

The whole idea of this blog is incredibly cool. Man Repelling is dressing for yourself not for anyone else and I think that is such a wonderful concept. Leandra is wacky, doesn’t follow trends, and oozes a self confidence that definitely excites readers. This blog is exactly what I hope my blog can eventually become.

3. Scout The City by Sai De Silva

Not only do I wish I could have her closet but this New York City mom has the cutest little girl who is more fashionable than I could ever hope to be and completes the perfect mother-daughter duo.

4. The Blonde Salad by Chiara Ferragni

I absolutely am obsessed with the name! Her blog is super fun, colorful, and innovative

5. Tuula by Jessica Stein

My favorite aspect of this site is the list of places she has traveled.

6. Fashion Toast by Rumi Neely

This may look like a typical fashion blog with nothing to special to it but make sure you notice the  adorable little touches such as heart emojis placed discreetly in glamorous images.

7. Gal Meets Glam by Julia Engel

This is was probably the first blog I ever read and it definitely helped me decide to start my own.

8. Sincerely Jules by Julie Sariñana

I am in love with the elegant, pretty design of this site and her classy but cool style.

9. Style Bubble by Susanna Lau

I love that this blog really highlights that fashion is art and you get the feeling that Susanna is very committed to what she does. The images are incredible so I definitely recommend!

10. Because I’m Bella by Isabella Giannulli

I really love reading her posts because I can connect with her on the level of being a teenage blogger even if she might have more influences from growing up in LA I still like to see someone else doing what I am.

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