I have been super into chambray styled items lately. Basics like these are always great to have and accessorizing with them is so fun! Chambray is definitely trending right now so I wanted to show some of my favorite pieces!

Simple shiftdress

I love shift dresses and this one is super fun and easy to wear!

High-neck romper

This is a super cute romper and even though it is a little outside my usual style I really like it. This is so simple and could be styled with some gold jewelry or a cozy sweater.

Scallop back blouse

Scallops! Scallops are so adorable and I’m excited that this top has them but not so much that they are overpowering.

Button down blouse

Last but not least, just a classic drapey button down. I like chambray tops because they are so easy to match with everything and they are always comfortable!

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