Healthy and Easy Breakfast Ideas

Acai Bowl

If you’re like me and you want to have a yummy but still healthy breakfast every morning this is perfect. The recipe I used was from Popsugar but I modified it a little in the end.

Granola and yogurt

This is probably my favorite fast breakfast because its so yummy and filling, I usually use Kind brand granola but there are so many different options that are great too!


I love adding kale and other healthy things like it to these!

Scrambled eggs

This may seem like an obvious breakfast choice but it is super quick and yummy, especially with a little cheese mixed in.

Mustard, and Avocado on a Whole-Wheat Muffin With Boiled Egg

This isn’t quite as quick but it is so good!


I eat this simply with some soy milk overtop like a hot cereal or with some fruit. You can even put honey on it to sweeten it up a little.

Almond butter on toast

This is my main go-to. It is so easy to bring in the car and it is a little more healthy than peanut butter.