On My Radar

Here are a few things I have found interesting this week!

Fuller House

I just found out that my all time favorite show will be coming back with almost all of the original characters (except for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen)! It’s coming to Netflix in late February and it’s gonna be based on the same storyline as the original.

Adidas Yeezy Sneakers

The new line of sneakers for Adidas, designed by Kanye West, is adorable and they all look super comfy. I definitely want a pair to rock any workout outfit!


Monthly subscription boxes have become huge lately and this is one of the best! With Rocksbox you can basically borrow any jewelry that you like from the website and they have super high end, great companies like Kendra Scott to choose from! I will also be sponsoring them soon so I can display some pieces on the blog!

Photography Tips Video

For anyone interested in photography or just really invested in their instagram this is a great video. I actually found it on another blog, it uses some really great photography to show tips for photo composition.

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