6 ways to enjoy life to its fullest

For my first real post I wanted to talk about something that is very influential  in how I try to live my life: enjoying life to the fullest, because why spend life fretting when you could be living. Now this doesn’t mean go crazy and do whatever you feel like doing, it simply means to have dreams and jump for them no matter the cost and work hard for what you love the most.

  1. Say yes! Even if its a scary thing you are saying yes to, it will help you to grow in some way.
  2. Explore  Every version of this word! Explore the space around you, explore the world, and most importantly; explore your abilities and learn how much you can achieve when you stop being scared of falling.
  3. Work hard  Work hard for yourself NOT to impress anyone else or please someone, if you have a dream you need to go for it because life is short.
  4. Strive for happiness  This doesn’t mean stress yourself out trying to be happy all the time cause  its impossible, its part of life but what it does mean is if your in a situation that your not happy with change something, and take a little “me time” everyday.
  5. Be grateful Embrace all you have instead of focusing on what you don’t  and you will be happier in general.
  6. Be yourself  As cliche and overused as it is this is the single most important thing. Imagine what you could do when you stop caring what people think and start LIVING.

Live the life you love xoxo,



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